Tile-Organosi, guarantees smooth cooperation, professional call handling and excellent support for all businesses. We are here for you, to cover your every need.

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Remote Secretarial Services

This innovative service brings you 12-hour, remote secretarial support, always provided by experienced, polite and specialised staff..

Call management

All you need to do is direct your calls to a number, in your geographical location, which we provide free of charge, and your personal assistant answers your calls using your corporate name and serves your clients.


Celebrity VIP Secretarial Support

For you, the senior executive, the VIP secretary tileOrganosi places at your disposal is a valuable associate. She is your right hand in running a demanding office.


Order Management

the sound organisation of a company begins with correct order management. The remote secretary calls your customers, collects orders and informs the competent department of your company, by e-mail, fax or telephone.

Why us?

A business focussed on increasing its income and expanding its customer base, must respond to customer calls politely, professionally and with patience. When the volume of calls is such that cannot be handled internally, it might be a good time for your company to consider working with tileOrganosi , instead of a simple call-centre.

The personal assistant service tileOrganosi offers is a cost-efficient solution that guarantees an increase in sales, and business development. 

The services and support of tileOrganosi, have become a necessity for a wide range of professionals and businesses, from medical practices and law firms to real estate agencies, in fact, for all liberal professional and businesses regardless of size. 

We always look for new opportunities, upgrade our systems to 4th generation, and seek new co-operations and services.

In doing that, we ensure security for our clients. tileOrganosi is a client-focused company. We believe in traditional, sound, smooth collaborations that go above and beyond a simple, WORKING RELATION. We are committed to ensuring confidentiality as regards both the calls we handle and the customer base of our clients.


Let’s talk numbers

All of us in tileOrganosi, work tirelessly to offer the best possible service, when handling your calls, cover the needs of your clients and ensure seamless running of your company.

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